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Family Photo

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Where Did The Summer Go??

I sure am glad I added the "ish" to my projected time frame for this post and I probably should have capitalized it. We've had a wild time since my last post. We have both been very busy with work these last few months and taking every spare moment to immerse ourselves in mommy and daddy "hood". We just celebrated Alexander turning 7 months old last week. It is hard to believe that he is over 1/2 a year old already! He has officially spent more time outside the womb than inside the womb. We continue to remain in a state of parental bliss. This all feels so perfect, so right and I don't see this feeling fading anytime soon.

At Alexander's last doctor's appointment, he weighed in at 14lbs 12oz and 24 3/4 inches long! He has changed so much since our last post in so many ways. He is incredibly social and loves people. He is an easy audience and laughs at just about any silly face or sound we throw at him. He constantly has his hands in his mouth or is grabbing at something, anything. It is incredible to literally watch your child develop overnight. This week he rolled over from being flat on his tummy to his back for the first time. He then repeated it four more times like it was just what he does now. He had rolled over from being propped up on a blanket or on the boppy, but never from being flat on his tummy. Big steps for this little guy.

Jon is having a great time making a strong foundation for Alexander's love of the Packers and Badgers. He is all suited with attire for this football season for both teams and cheered daddy on with all of his Fantasy Football drafts. We can't wait to take Alexander to his first Badger game.

We had an appointment with the Emory Developmental Team on Tuesday. It is a program designed for children that are at high risk for developmental delays. His preemie status qualifies him for this program. They did a full medical exam and full assessment with a child physical therapist to check his development. It went very well and they were thoroughly impressed with our Big A. They were very happy to see how social he is and how much his motor skills have developed. They gave us a few exercises to work with him on to help him develop his next big step....crawling! I'm not sure that we are ready for that, but as with everything thus far in parenting- somehow when the change arrives you find yourself ready. Emory will follow his progress and provide resources if needed throughout his childhood. We are so thankful that he is doing great and doesn't need any extensive therapies at this point, but are equally grateful for this incredible resource that has been made available to us. We feel we have a great team surrounding us for all aspects of his life and couldn't be happier.

We are also back on high germ alert. Alexander's doctor advised us now that kids are back in school, flu/RSV season is just around the corner and this new Enterovirus spreading around; we need to reign in his exposure. It is a little strange to us since neither of us are natural germaphobes. However, we can't take any chances. It makes for some awkward conversations when people are around you or come to your house. I know everyone understands once you explain it to them, but it still feels weird to say "By the way, can you please wash your hands before you reach to touch him" or as soon as people walk in your home..."can you please go straight to the bathroom and wash your hands", but if people think we're weird then so be it. Our friends daughter, Claire, now washes her hands "the way the hospital makes you" (for 30 seconds). It is so cute because she loves Alexander so much and is so protective of him. She is the first to tell someone to go wash their hands before they touch him.

Since our last post, we celebrated the life of Jon's Grandma, as she passed away at the age of 98. She was an incredible mother, grandmother and Granny the Great to name a few of her many roles. She lead a life full of love, laughter, kindness and acceptance. She touched so many lives. I'm very thankful for the time we shared and that I got to experience her love. Jon and I wish she and Alexander could have met. We will be sure that he grows up knowing her story and her memory. We know she is now holding Ellie and Will for us and watching over all of us with them. Jon was able to go back to Wisconsin to be with his family for the service, but Alexander is not "approved" for travel yet, so we stayed home. We love you forever Granny the Great!

We also celebrated my Grandmother's 96th birthday in August. Jon and I have been so blessed in the grandmother department and are so thankful for each milestone spent together. My grandmother is also an incredible lady and full of beauty and life!

I'm starting to plan our Halloween costumes for this year and haven't decided what we'll do yet, but if you have suggestions- send them my way!

Thank you for keeping up with the Kents and love to all!

Emily, Jon and Alexander

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Aklockhart said...

Great to hear about your summer! Could he be any cuter? What beautiful eyes he has!! I'm looking forward to the day when we get to see you again and we can meet Alexander! : ) Take care! Love ya.